Dog Dad Official

I only read this book because I already respect Dog Dad Offical as a fellow feeder and like him as a human. But I was completely blown away by how he was able to present such a complicated topic in a clean and effective way that even inspired me to learn more. 

Raw Paws Dog Food Review

this post does contain affiliate links but as always all thoughts & suggestions are from my experience Raw Paws Formulas Formulas, plural, is what I should have titled this. They have a wide variety of blends, raw diets, meaty bones, and organs. Ingredients in Raw Paws Meals All natural, real meat, with whole vegetables. Raw... Continue Reading →

Deworming Dogs with Diatomaceous Earth

this post does contain affiliate links but as always all thoughts & suggestions are from my experience The other day MaHoney was doing the itchy bum scoot around in circles which is different from her angry anal gland scoot. A very cute action, but unfortunately a sign that she might have worms, again. For those of... Continue Reading →

Eggs for Dogs

I mean if dogs are supposed to have a diet based on animal proteins should they eat eggs for protein also? Will they get sick? Can they eat them every day? Do they need to be cooked? What about the shell?

Raw Dog Food Calculator

When I started raw feeding I had to make the change from simply scooping out two scoops of kibble to actually calculating how much I should feed by the pound and them making sure I stocked that much in my freezer to last till my next shipment. It was a huge inconvenience and the math seemed daunting. Not because I didn't know how but because I was just not used to doing it. I created this interactive cheat sheet for all my fellow busy, out of practice beginners who just need a starting point on how to feed their dogs, without scoops.

Tips from The Primal Pooch

Recently I was at my day job and an old friend, or work associate, (whatever I like to think of her as a friend), emailed me to let me know her new site is up. It was Amy Marshall from The Primal Pooch. I thought cool, another raw dog food site, my favorite. Well, I... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Up After Raw Fed Dogs

Feeding a raw diet to dogs does require a certain amount of proper food handling and sanitation if you want to keep things safe, germ-wise. If you are anything like me and have a decade of food service under your belt then you already know the ins & outs of meat safety & cross contamination. But, if you somehow made in through your 20's without having a restaurant job here is the basics of what you need to prevent, how to do so, and then my favorite natural ways in my home.

What About Dog Food Toppers

Toppers for dog food are all the rage right now. Freeze-dried, nutrient enriched, grain free, enticement, all sorts of toppers are on the market right now. I haven't been paying them much attention because I was all feed real food and you don't need toppers. Well luckily a friend asked me about them as a starting point to feeding their dog better food. I realized them that I was a fool. Toppers are a great way to start down a path of proper doggo nutrition.

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