Real Dog Box Review

When Real Dog Box reached out to me to offer a free sample I was all for trying them out. Here is the official TLRF review of what I got.

How to Travel with Your Raw Fed Dog

The challenge of traveling with my raw fed pack seemed unattainable. Even the idea of trying to find a dog sitter or boarding facility that would follow their raw diet seemed like a challenge. This is how I overcame all that.

Pet Safe Scented Candles

Fall is on the way and I can't bare the thought of not having a mood-setting, rustic smelling evening candle. So now it's time for me to find out exactly what makes certain candles toxic, how to avoid these things, & a simple go-to list of trusted brands to make things convenient for me.

How I Make My Dog’s Meals Easy & Simple

this post does contain affiliate links but as always all thoughts & suggestions are from my experience Prep day at my house was hard, really hard. Once again refer to the title of this blog. The process of creating a recipe I like, buying all the supplies I need, & then grocery shopping for ingredients almost broke me... Continue Reading →

The Honest Kitchen’s Base Mix Review

Base mix, premix call it what you want to call it.  They are the same thing. Whatever you decide to add to your dog's animal protein to ensure their meals are complete & balanced. This post is my review of The Honest Kitchen's Base Mix as a premix for homemade raw dog food.

Humarian Dog Probonix Review

Sportydoo had to get paw surgery, which meant a round of antibiotics, which meant his gut flora was going to need to be rebuilt. So finding the best probiotic to do that all of a sudden was a priority. Thankfully Humarian was & still is ready & willing to answer my questions.

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