Real Dog Box Review

Real Dog Box has caught my eye on the social medias for a while now so when they reached out to me about their affiliate program it was a great chance to try them out.

Real Dog Box Review

Real Dog Box Ingredients

Every treat & chew is a single ingredient & unprocessed made from human-grade (except the green tripe of course) quality meat. No 3d or 4d meats here. The treat box also came with a detailed ingredient card for each treat. It includes an overview of the treat on one side with the full guaranteed analysis & with directions and tips for feeding on the other. It also highlights various elements of each treat like: ethically & humanely raised, free-range & grass feed, & assurances that no bleach or chemicals have been used.

Real Dog Box Ingredient Cards

Variety of Real Dog Box Treats

I am blown away by the diversity of proteins. MaHoney has many food allergies so we are usually stuck with turkey and pork but when her Real Dog Box arrived I was like a kid in a candy store. Among other things: we got elk shoulder, lamb spleen, whole duck heads, & green-lipped mussels!!! (My favorite but not hers, luckily I did find a way to get her to eat them.) Check my true unboxing video below to see the full box.

Sourcing Practices of Real Dog Box

I’ve already mentioned above that there are no 3d or 4d meats used. (That is dead, dying, diseased, or down animals & is totally legal to make dog food out of. So gross.) But they go even further than that. The ingredient cards also have the ingredients’ place of origin: state or country has been USDA inspected, is restaurant quality, antibiotic-free, & human grade.

Convenience of Real Dog Box

Their website is set up for you to create a detailed profile of your dogs, size, age, and most importantly any food allergies. You then can subscribe to any of their monthly box options and add super chews if you like. For a monthly subscription combo box, it is surprisingly customizable.

All of the agents have been trained in dog nutrition & are certified. They are happy to jump on a call with you to discuss your dog’s diet & food allergies to make sure you get the best treat box possible. They also have a direct text option which is great. Instead of having to send an email or make a phone call, you can simply text a quick message to them directly. I tried it out just to see if someone really answered & sure enough I got a detailed response that addressed my question. Most excellent!

Real Dog Box Cost Comparison

Usually, I don’t highlight cost because raw feeding is always expensive but this time things are different. I was so excited to have all these specialty proteins to feed & Honey is so in love with the chews we blew through our first box quite quickly. That gave me an opportunity to order a new box as a layman. The box option starts at $21 for a standard treat box and goes up to $39 for a treat & chew box with options in the middle. All boxes have the option to add super chews at $8 bucks a pop. If I was going to go to the pet store to buy these the mark up would be at least 2x, if not more.

Real Dog Box Options

TLRF’s Favorite Thing

Where do I start? How do I pick just one? I’ve already shared how impressed I am with the variety, 100% approve of their sourcing practices, & am blown away by the affordability but I haven’t shared that Ruby the COO of the company is genuinely a part of the raw feeding community. She has put in the time & effort it takes to research how feeding real food affects our doggos & the ill effects kibble has had on them over the decades. She has not only created a quality product she is actively engaging in the community to get more peeps feeding real foods. Whether it be her treats or simply adding a few veggies to the bowl.

*Note I have a small dog & thought the super chew was going to be too much for her. Boy, was I wrong. She spent hours chewing the bits of meat off (great for removing plaque), paw handling it to get just the right angle (great for dexterity), & carrying it around (hours of mental exercise). So don’t shy away from adding a super chew.

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