Raw Paws Dog Food Review

this post does contain affiliate links but as always all thoughts & suggestions are from my experience

Raw Paws Formulas

Formulas, plural, is what I should have titled this. They have a wide variety of blends, raw diets, meaty bones, and organs.

Ingredients in Raw Paws Meals

All natural, real meat, with whole vegetables.

Raw Paw’s Sourcing Practices

Free range, family-owned farm in Indiana, U.S.A.

Convenience of Meals

Super duper easy. I can order one order at a time or reoccurring whichever works best for me. Then it is delivered to my door. Home delivery is always the best.

Cost of Raw Paw’s Dog Food

This is my last and least valued metric I base my reviews on. We all know that raw dog food is expensive & pre-made raw is even more so. But, I found out good news when I asked about this. They have coupons available. Like this one for 10% off all orders or a free meal plan customized to fit your budget.

Q & A with Amy from Raw Paws

Amy Henderson, Raw Paws representative, was nice enough to give me a short interview about their products.

  1. I noticed that you only source from the U.S, am I correct?
    • Correct!
  2. Does Raw Paws use human-grade meats?
    • Yes, all meat is human-grade.
  3. Organic?
    • Yes, pasture raised and ethically harvested.
  4. 3D or 4D meats?
    • NO, we use no 3D or 4D meat. (yuck)
  5. Locally sourced?
    • Yes, our meat is sourced from local Indiana farms and animals raised are free-range animals.
  6. Process or steps taken to ensure ingredient quality?
    • Our products are single with no added ingredients  Our meat is USDA inspected and approved and all of our facilities are FDA approved.

TLRF’s Favorite Thing about Raw Paw

Green tripe! They have raw, fresh green tripe! Did I mention their green tripe? And here is a coupon for 15% off.

Raw Feeding Made Easy & Affordable - Now up to 30% OFF

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