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How Much Raw Food to Feed My Dog

When I started raw feeding, I had to make the change from simply scooping out two scoops of kibble to actually calculating how much I should feed by the pound and them making sure I stocked that much in my freezer to last till my next shipment. It was a huge inconvenience and the math seemed daunting. Not because I didn’t know how but because I was just not used to doing it. I created this interactive cheat sheet for all my fellow busy, out-of-practice raw feeding beginners who just need a starting point on how much to feed their dogs, without scoops.

How to Use This Dog Food Calculator

This is a basic amount of food feed your dog daily in pounds based on their current weight, age, and body mass index. When I say food to feed I mean total amount. All veggies, brains, or fur are included in the total. Whichever raw diet you choose to feed this will be the amount that ends up in your dog’s bowl every day. This is also just a guideline to get started on finding your dog’s personal amount. Just like us your dog’s metabolism and activity levels vary. If you notice that your adult dogs last two ribs are starting to stick out start feeding more. If they start to gain weight feed less. If you have a puppy feed as much as they will eat in four separate meals per day. And as always, refer to your vet if you have questions. I am of happy to help but am not medically trained, just a fellow dog lover sharing my experience.

How Much Raw to Buy

Now that we know how much to feed per day we need to figure out how much we need to order/buy and how often. I suggest you base your buy amount on weeks. Why weekly, you ask? Well, that because my dogs eat every day, 7 days a week. Only weeks have the same amount of days, the number of days in a month varies. So, the equation is simple:

amount per day x 7 = my weekly order/buy amount

So, if I feed myĀ puggle 0.6 lbs per day my equation is:

0.6 x 7 = 4.2 lbs per week

After that, I just need to see how much I can fit into my freezer. I just bought theĀ smallest amount possible that would last a week. That was 5 lbs. Put into my freezer and estimated if I could double or tripleĀ that amount for my next purchase. I always round up when buying then simply delay my next buy/order a day or two then start the process all over.

How I Get These Raw Diet Amounts

Back when I was still a customer service agent at a raw pet food company they had a basic guideline for us to use. After the customer received an order they would then call in to adjust their order to accommodate what their pets actually ate. I was one of the point people to take those calls. This is a combination of the standard suggested raw feeding amount with what I personally adjusted hundreds of households to during my time on the phones.

Raw Dog Food Calculator
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Raw Dog Food Calculator
A simple calculator to gauge how much raw food your dog will need based on weight, age, and size.
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