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Besides being one of the nicest websites around, really folks this site is ah-may-zing, Perfectly Rawsome offers a plethora of information for a variety of raw feeders. She covers B.A.R.F. diets, Prey Model Raw, & even a raw diet for cats. (That may not seem like much but try to find a decent DIY raw cat meal online.)


Ronny has been feeding raw since the early 2000s. She started sharing her experience in 2015 and has since earned an impeccable reputation in the raw feeding community. I wholeheartedly recommend her to all beginners, intermediate, & experienced feeders. 


Loads of that here. Along with the diet options I mentioned above there are transition guides, meal plans, flashcards, Facebook groups, frequently asked questions, and the list goes on.


Using the site to access information, again and again, is a breeze. I am constantly looking up what is muscle meat or organ meats while grocery shopping for my dogs. Having her online cheat sheets available (feeding classifications) is a huge timesaver. If you are not a mobile user those flashcards I mentioned above will supply the same info.

TLRF Spotlight

There are coupons & promo codes! As always I like to add any & all coupons for you all. I mean who doesn’t like getting a deal?

Perfectly Rawesome Deals

Perfectly Rawsome Meal Plan Promo Code
  • $20 off a custom Raw Meal Plan from Perfectly Rawsoem using Raw Feeding Mami for sourcing. Use promo code RFM20PR at checkout.
  • Giveaways through Perfectly Rawsome’s  Instagram account throughout the year.

Q & A With Ronny LeJeune of Perfectly Rawsome

about Perfectly Rawsome

Why Ronny LeJeune Made Perfectly Rawsome

I have been feeding raw much longer than Perfectly Rawsome’s creation. I designed and developed the Perfectly Rawsome website single-handedly because I recognized a need for an accessible, online resource for pet parents to feed their dog and cat a raw diet. I believe pet parents should have free access to reliable raw feeding guidance because one of the best things we can provide our pets with is a fresh food diet.

Perfectly Rawsome’s website was published online and in 2016 Perfectly Rawsome became an established, legal business in the state of Louisiana.

I believe pet parents should have free access to reliable raw feeding guidance because one of the best things we can provide our pets with is a fresh food diet. – Ronny LeJeune

The Woman Behind Perfectly Rawsome

My name is Ronny LeJeune. I live in south Louisiana and I have been here my entire life, born and raised in the heart of Cajun Country. In 2011, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

I am currently enrolled at the Companion Animal Science Institute (CASI) for Canine Nutrition. I am a full-time Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) for Sit Happens Dog Training. Additionally, I am a Certified Canine Conditioning Coach (CCC), Fear Free Pet Certified Professional, and First Aid and CPR Certified. I am a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (ADPT) and the Pet Professional Guild (PPG).

I am a creative thinker. I have an eye for design and a passion for dogs. My ability to creatively solve problems, produce artfully crafted designs, and understand how to improve pet lives has molded my life into something spectacular. I am able to practice my creative skills every single day. Whether it is new designs and content for Perfectly Rawsome or new solutions for pet parents to improve their pet’s life.

I have two dogs: Pica, an 11-year-old border collie, and Loki, a 7-year-old bully mix. I also have a ferret, Menace. All of my pets are 100% raw-fed!

Perfectly Rawesome’s Resources

My goal is to make a positive change in dog obesity through education about canine behavior, behavior training, appropriate physical exercise, and fresh food diets. This information is spread out on platforms:

Therefore, at the end of the day, I guess you can say everything I offer is my favorite. But helping pet parents provide appropriate exercise and a fresh food diet is a very rewarding experience.

Unfortunately, when a dog is overweight or obese it no longer is a question of “if” your dog will develop a condition secondary to the excess weight, but “how many and how soon!” – Perfectly Rawsome

Canine conditioning and nutrition are two subjects I am heavily interested in. It allows me to involve training and exercise to achieve physical fitness, as well as educate pet parents about appropriate diets because no one, including our pets, can out-exercise a bad diet. Obesity is a huge epidemic in the canine community and it saddens me every single day when I see overweight dogs. As few as five pounds above your dog’s ideal weight can put them at risk of developing some serious medical conditions. 

The Most Important Thing Ronny Offers

Free information on how to improve dogs’ and cats’ lives is important to me.  Information on how to improve a pet’s quality of life should be forever free and ensuring this information is easily accessible is a driving force behind the work I do.

Our dogs and cats deserve a quality diet and a healthy lifestyle. – Ronny LeJeune of Perfectly Rawsome

Custom Meal Plans by Perfectly Rawesome

Perfectly Rawsome’s meal plans are designed to provide pet parents with consolidated information on how to feed their dog or cat a raw diet. Let’s face it – there are some people in this world who do not want to do the research, math, and planning. Each plan comes with a five-week transition period, four full variety meal plans, a consolidated shopping list, and exclusive content not found on my website. A full set of my raw feeding flashcards are also included and mailed directly to the pet parent when their pet’s meal plans are finalized.

Each meal plan comes with a homework assignment for the pet parent to complete for the meal plans to be created. This is to ensure the meal plans provided are sustainable in the pet parent’s local region. However, the option to use online suppliers is available which eliminates the homework assignment.

Next up for Perfectly Rawesome

Currently, Mission Slimpawsible is only a Facebook group, but eventually will develop into a larger platform similar to Perfectly Rawsome! I am excited for this new project and I believe it will be a valuable resource for pet parents across the world!

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