National Raw Feeding Week

Raw Dog Food for Beginners

I am SOOO excited for NRFW 2018!! Thanks to Kimberly, from Keep the Tail Wagging, we now have an official week for us raw feeders to share, collaborate, and celebrate feeding our pets the very best species-appropriate diets.

Naturally, when I heard about this I started thinking about how I could contribute to the community. Then it hit me. I can compile a list of resources for the beginner or the I have heard about this and am interested in knowing more.

What Is Raw Dog Food

Is everyone talking about feeding their dog’s real food? Words like species & biologically appropriate? Here is why: interest in raw feeding dogs has grown 3x in the last two years. That is the idea that our pups should eat real whole foods that their digestive systems are designed to process. Now there are different types of raw diets & different ways to feed it but the main concept that real whole foods are best rings true throughout them all.

Why Feed A Raw Diet to my Dogs

Are getting strange looks when you are in line to but your dog’s kibble? Dog food has changed from the kibbles we feed in the 80’s & 90’s. And why shouldn’t it? I don’t feed my munchkin I food I ate back then, why feed my fur-babies the same food they did?

  • Why Is Kibble Bad? – Great question, one I have asked before I started feeding raw.
  • Pet Fooled – Don’t feel like reading? Check out this ah-may-zing documentary on pet foods. You will not be sorry.

How Do I Find Raw to Buy For My Dogs

Buying pre-made raw that is already complete & balanced is my jam. This isn’t called The Lazy Raw Feeder for nothing. If you are brand new & don’t where to start, start here. DIY raw can get complicated real fast and you don’t want to deprive your pooches of vital nutrients.

  • Primal Pooch – Get to know about the gal that created ‘The List’ of raw dog food brands & then check out your options. She has them all in one spot for you.
  • How to But The Best Raw Dog Food – Rember Kimberly Gauthier, the gal that created National Raw Feeding Week, she was nice enough to share her thoughts on what makes a great raw brand.

How Do I Start Making My Dog’s Raw Food

Ready to jump in with both feet? Well, here you go. These are my favorite starting materials for home-made raw dog diets.

  • Raw Feeding 101 – Scott has compiled a list of questions, videos, and program that will take you from why to which to how for feeding your dog a raw diet.
  • Raw Feeding Primer – What a quick overview of what a raw diet can be? Dana Scott has it for you. If you like this take the time to click around the site. It has great info and courses for DIY raw.
  • A Novices Guided To Raw Feeding – Ready to get started on your first prep? Or just want to know what the leading raw dog food blogger suggests. Here you go.

I Would Love to Know What You Are Thinking

Well, I hope this helped. What are your top raw questions? Ask away in the comment section.

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