Humarian Dog Probonix Review

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First off, is it Probonix or Probiotic? It is a probiotic made by Humarian called Probonix.

Okay, so I found this at BlogPaws this year & threw it my giant swag bag of goodies & forgot about it. Then Sportydoo had to get paw surgery, which meant a round of antibiotics, which meant his gut flora was going to need to be rebuilt. So finding the best probiotic to do that all of a sudden was a priority. Thankfully Humarian was & still is ready & willing to answer my questions.

Formula of Thier Dog Probiotic

Alright, so what does make a good probiotic? I know what my human doc told me years ago, but I want to do a little better than that as my reference in this post. After looking into & general surfing the web is this:

Multistrain is A Must

It should include at least one strain of Bifidobacterium & one Lactobacillus with a total of six strains or more.

  • Humarian has both an L & B strain with a total of eight strains.

Low In Sugar

Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in dog’s guts and also promotes the growth of yeast. You know that old shrimp boat smell, that’s yeast.

  • Probonix is sugar-free with the only water & liver ‘flavor’ added to the strains.

No Allergens

Probiotics are known to help pet allergies, but only if the probiotic itself does NOT contain the thing your doggo is allergic to.

  • Humarian’s Probiotic for Dogs is:
    • gluten-free
    • dairy-free
    • soy-free
    • egg-free
    • fish & shellfish-free
    • peanut & tree nut-free

Ingredients of Humarian’s Dog Products

Due to becoming a hard-core raw feeder because I want to provide real foods for my real dogs, I scrutinize supplements ingredient quality closely. It just doesn’t make sense to me to take all the time, money, & effort to feed raw then turn around & feed synthetic chemicals to them. I was over the moon to find out that they only add high-quality H2o, but was concerned about this liver ‘flavor’.

Probonix for Dogs Sourcing Practices

As I mentioned above all the ingredients passed my ‘are you real food’ check, but I did have questions about the liver ‘flavor’. So, I made sure to ask Dr.B about the sourcing around it during my podcast with Humarian. He was very open about how & what they do. Turns out they actually had to delay the product release due to their commitment to finding a supplier that uses real animal tissue to provide the taste.


Easy as easy does. It is shelf-stable, ready to serve, & a complete probiotic to support total gut health.  On top of being able to order it online for home delivery, always my fav, I’m all in.


Always my least favorite, but $$ is a factor in my life. At first, I was like $30 bucks a month? That’s a lot, but this is an excellent product. Then I popped over to Amazon for a quick price check & found that $30 smackers is the average. So, if I am paying the same price for an item that is far superior to the others I win. But wait, it gets better.

TLRF reviews Humarian probiotic for dogs

TLRF’s Favorite

Humarian real knows their stuff. By that I mean they have taken the time to evaluate current probiotics out there & found a way to provide a product that has something more to offer than the rest. Do you know that 90% of most probiotics are dissolved by stomach acid before they can be of use? I didn’t but, Humarain does & not only created a probiotic product addressing this they also took the time to prove it.

Full Disclosure: I did receive not one but two free samples. (Score! & look forward to by not so scientific experiment of how a one-month treatment affects MaHoney’s anxiety.) Also, I will receive a small kickback if you buy anything from the links I provided. (So but it from here so I can afford to keep up this fancy #doglifestyle my pooches have grown accustomed to.)

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