Hiring A Dog Walker

Hire A Dog Walker

Really? Have gotten so lazy that I can’t even walk my own dogs? Yep, sure have. With a full-time office job, kid, spouse, and house I have. My friends chat about how that take Scruffy for their¬†nightly walk through a lovely¬†forest trail in their local community. Well good for you Sally,¬†but my cup runneth over. I need help and am not afraid to hire some.

Reasons to Hire A Dog Walker

  • Walks Are Great for Dog Health

    • 56% of dogs were reported as obese in 2017. Pet obesity can lead to arthritis, cancer, and shortened life expediency. Getting your dog regular exercise¬†can help them keep the pounds off, especially after the two-year mark when puppy growth subsides.
  • Your Dog’s Quality¬†of Life Is Improved by Walks

    • We all know how happy our dogs get when we mention the word. The joy on their cute little faces when we grab the leash is priceless. Dog’s brains also¬†release endorphins that cause happiness.
  • Walks Improve Dog’s Behavior

    • First thing every dog trainer will ask you when you bring in a dog is how much exercise¬†do they get. Just like us, humans, regular structured activity
  • Dog Walkers Are Reliable

    • Anyone else¬†have full intentions of walking the dogs after work? Anyone else¬†find that time slips away due to a never-ending to-do list and their poor doggo’s walks get bumped time and time again? I do. That is why hiring a dog walker is so nice. Walking my dogs is their job. I just make the appointments and they¬†fulfill them. Gone are the days of me nagging¬†my partner or kid to do it. Gone are the #baddogmom feelings of guilt when I don’t have time.

Is Hiring A Dog Walker Safe?

Even though¬†I have accepted that I need dog walking help that doesn’t mean my¬†#crazydogmom passion has subsided. I want to know/feel that my dogs are safe and sound with their walker, aka this stranger.¬†Here are my questions?

  • Are you a legal business?
  • Is this a real business to you?
  • Are you insured?

How Much is it to Hire A Dog Walker

Here is where things get tricky. I mean if I had loads of money I wouldn’t need to be working in the first place and would have loads of time to walk my own dogs. But, I want my checklist of dog walker safety and security to be completely checked. So how much money am I looking at?

How I Hired A Dog Walker

Here is my checklist of wants, musts, & extras I found walkers offer that I like.

How To Hire A Dog Walker Checklist by TLRF

Wants, All the Things I Would Do If I Could

  • Off-leash play – nothing is better than seeing dogs running free in a safe area or hiking on the trail.
  • Local independent¬†business – community is great and if I can have my walker be a part of mine that will be awesome.
  • Multiple walks per week that are complete with socialization – this will help the current behavior issues I am facing.

Musts, All the Things Reality Makes Me Do

  • Licensed – I need to know that my walker is a professional and has invested the time to create a business, it proves a level of dedication that makes me feel safer about having “some stranger” walk my pooches.
  • Insured – a walker with insurance proves to me that they understand the importance of my precious pooper pants, aka MaHoney, the dog in my logo, is to me.
  • Affordable – here is my least favorite – I must be able to pay for these walks without losing my house. This is¬†where my wants get tossed to the side.
  • Reliable – I need someone to show up all the time, within the scheduled time frame.


Extras, Perks That Are Offered from Different Services

  • GPS map off walks – Some companies have these fun GPS trackers that show the route the walker is taking as they are doing it. It is the highlight of my workday to see the dots moving around a map and knowing Senorita Snuggle Bottoms, MaHoney, is having a walkie.
  • Report cards – cute and useful, they will send a little report card at the end of the walk letting me know how many poops and pees, and if there were any issues I should attend to.
  • Convenience – If the walker has an App I am in heaven. I can schedule walks easily and check on the status of my account from the office.

Full disclosure: I am sure you noticed that I have ads for Rover throughout this post. While the content is created with only educational purposes in mind I am working with Rover as an affiliate. I have been using them for my service for over three months and love them so much I decided to partner with them.

Do I Need A Dog Walker?
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  1. Licensing might be local thing. There is no licensing requirements in my area for pet services. So groomers, pet sitters, dog trainers etc have no mechanism for getting licensed. I mean, you can get certified from a grooming school (I‚Äôm persuing my CMFG), or a program for trainers. Is there something like that for dog walkers/daycares? I love the app stuff. I should do report cards for my clients ūüôā

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