The Pooch Smoothie Guide

I started making smoothies a few years ago for my humans. They have all the vitamins that I am sure are left out of our diets and is a healthy substitution for dessert. (A bad habit I got my step-son into when I first met him.) It also justifies my laziness when I don’t want to cook. Taco truck for dinner, smoothie for dessert, and I feel like I have fulfilled my mom requirements for providing proper nutrition.

Whenever I go to make them my dogs follow me into the kitchen, to get their ‘I am chopping produce treat’, and that got me thinking: What is better than a smoothie with my hubby and kid? Well, a smoothie with my dogs of course! Below are my basics of dog/human smoothies that you can easily use to mix and match your own.

Step 1

First, you are going to need a kitchen gadget for this. You can use a blender, vita mix, or bullet, but these are costly and only for one purpose. I want my gadgets to be multi-purpose, small, and affordable. So, I was most pleased when I found an immersion blender with large mixing cup combo. A name brand immersion blender only set me back about $30 dollars. Plus is so small I can store the whole caboodle in a convenient cabinet.

The Lazy Raw Feeder Dog Smoothie RecipeStep 2

Second, you need to know the smoothie basics. You will need a base liquid, your fruit, filler, then extras if you want. Here’s what I use.

  1. Base Liquids = 2 cups of water, coconut milk, or coconut water
  2. Fruit = 2 cups of banana or pear for a thicker smoothie. Or 4 cups of watery fruit like apples, melon, or berries. Or mix and match as you see fit. Bananas go into every one of my dogs to human smoothies to add the creamy texture, but that is why I am The Lazy Raw Feeder.
  3. Fillers = You can go without these if use enough banana I have found out. But just in case you want to add one they are: Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, cooked quinoa, and beets.
  4. Extras = Here were it gets fun. All those greens I talked about in my last article. The one with your ingredient options for these smoothies. Well, I just throw them into one of these bad boys and wallah. Leafy greens that will be eaten by the whole family, human and furry alike. I also take the opportunity to add herbs, hemp protein powder, and a raw super green formula.  It is total cheating because I just pick up the powders at my vitamin store, open and scoop into the cup. So easy!

Step 3

Third, serve to your family with pride. You are now a healthy person providing a healthy lifestyle for all your family members. With minimal mess in your kitchen.

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