What About Dog Food Toppers

Toppers for dog food are all the rage right now. Freeze-dried, nutrient enriched, grain free, enticement, all sorts of toppers are on the market right now. I haven't been paying them much attention because I was all feed real food and you don't need toppers. Well luckily a friend asked me about them as a starting point to feeding their dog better food. I realized them that I was a fool. Toppers are a great way to start down a path of proper doggo nutrition.

What Is Raw Dog Food?

What Is Raw Dog Food Diet? Well, a species-appropriate diet from bioavailable foods of course, but if you are not immersed in the raw pet food movement, it isn't that easy. A species appropriate diet is a diet that supports their genetic make-up. Bioavailable foods are foods that the body can obtain proper nutrients naturally... Continue Reading →

How to Buy the Best Raw Dog Food

The most convenient, hassle free, no stress way to feed your dog a raw diet is buying it pre-made. This will cover what to look for in a raw food brand to ensure your dog gets proper nutrition.

Dog Friendly Fruits and Vegetables Guide

As I mentioned in my first blog I love to stretch my dog food by adding assorted whole foods that I have in the house. I also am a huge fan of using vegetables and fruits for dog treats. They are cheap, easy, and I know exactly what I am feeding. No label deciphering needed. Here is my pup produce guide.

How I Feed Raw Without A Prep Day

When I was introduced to a raw diet for my dogs I was overjoyed to start feeding my one dog, at the time, a healthier diet. I soon wanted to start feeding raw 'hardcore'. That meant prepping my own dog food. Read here what that takes and why I decided against it.

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