How to Travel with Your Raw Fed Dog

The challenge of traveling with my raw fed pack seemed unattainable. Even the idea of trying to find a dog sitter or boarding facility that would follow their raw diet seemed like a challenge. This is how I overcame all that.

How I Make My Dog’s Meals Easy & Simple

this post does contain affiliate links but as always all thoughts & suggestions are from my experience Prep day at my house was hard, really hard. Once again refer to the title of this blog. The process of creating a recipe I like, buying all the supplies I need, & then grocery shopping for ingredients almost broke me... Continue Reading →

Eggs for Dogs

I mean if dogs are supposed to have a diet based on animal proteins should they eat eggs for protein also? Will they get sick? Can they eat them every day? Do they need to be cooked? What about the shell?

Raw Dog Food Calculator

When I started raw feeding I had to make the change from simply scooping out two scoops of kibble to actually calculating how much I should feed by the pound and them making sure I stocked that much in my freezer to last till my next shipment. It was a huge inconvenience and the math seemed daunting. Not because I didn't know how but because I was just not used to doing it. I created this interactive cheat sheet for all my fellow busy, out of practice beginners who just need a starting point on how to feed their dogs, without scoops.

Cleaning Up After Raw Fed Dogs

Feeding a raw diet to dogs does require a certain amount of proper food handling and sanitation if you want to keep things safe, germ-wise. If you are anything like me and have a decade of food service under your belt then you already know the ins & outs of meat safety & cross-contamination. But, if you somehow made it through your 20s without having a restaurant job here are the basics of what you need to prevent, how to do so, and then my favorite natural ways in my home.

What About Dog Food Toppers

Toppers for dog food are all the rage right now. Freeze-dried, nutrient enriched, grain free, enticement, all sorts of toppers are on the market right now. I haven't been paying them much attention because I was all feed real food and you don't need toppers. Well luckily a friend asked me about them as a starting point to feeding their dog better food. I realized them that I was a fool. Toppers are a great way to start down a path of proper doggo nutrition.

What Is Raw Dog Food?

Well, a species-appropriate diet from bioavailable foods of course, but if you are not immersed in the raw pet food movement, it isn't that easy. A species-appropriate diet is a diet that supports their genetic makeup. Bioavailable foods are foods that the body can obtain proper nutrients naturally through the digestive system. Or simply, feeding... Continue Reading →

How to Buy the Best Raw Dog Food

The most convenient, hassle-free, no stress way to feed your dog a raw diet is buying it pre-made. This will cover what to look for in a raw food brand to ensure your dog gets proper nutrition.

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