Pet Safe Scented Candles

Fall is on the way I can't bare the thought of not having a mood-setting, rustic smelling evening candle. So now it's time for me to find out exactly what makes certain candles toxic, how to avoid these things, & a simple go-to list of trusted brands to make things convenient for me.

Hiring A Dog Walker

Really? Have gotten so lazy that I can't even walk my own dogs? Yep, sure have. With a full-time office job, kid, spouse, and house I have. I need help and am not afraid to hire some.

Deworming Dogs with Diatomaceous Earth

Natural Dewormer for Dogs The other day MaHoney was doing the bum scoot around in circles. A very cute action, but unfortunately a sign that she might have worms, again. For those of you who aren't familiar with my Puggle she is one of those dogs that are allergic to everything. That resulted in several rounds of... Continue Reading →

Cleaning Up After Raw Fed Dogs

Feeding a raw diet to dogs does require a certain amount of proper food handling and sanitation if you want to keep things safe, germ-wise. If you are anything like me and have a decade of food service under your belt then you already know the ins & outs of meat safety & cross contamination. But, if you somehow made in through your 20's without having a restaurant job here is the basics of what you need to prevent, how to do so, and then my favorite natural ways in my home.

How I Became A Natural Flea Killer

Once I started seeing the effects of feeding a raw diet to my dogs I got all jazzed up to go full holistic. The next stop for me was ridding and preventing fleas without harsh chemicals. These are my victories and epic fails.

DIY Pup-sicle Dog Treats

Raw, raw, raw dog food comes frozen, moisture content intact and is intended to be thawed before you serve it. Well it never fails to leak when I defrost it. NEVER. I started feeling bad about throwing out all those nutrients. So I came up with a super simple DIY dog treat to re-purpose that oh so healthy goo.

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