I’m Aimee Jurenka. Crazy dog-mom who wants to provide the best for my pack. Being that I am too lazy to cook for my humans I was really concerned with the effort it might take to feed raw to my dogs. This blog is a collection of easy tips & tricks for feeding a raw diet to your dog, without having it take over your life, along with simple holistic dog tips for the busy, that sounds like a lot of work, there is no way I can manage that with my household, kind of person. Disclaimer: I am not a vet or animal nutritionist, simply sharing my experience. I hope it is found useful. The Lazy Raw Feeder - TLRF

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  1. I have been a lazy raw feeder for my cats for the past 18 months and love the results. Their coats and condition are excellent and they are all in their teens now but look like youngsters. My IBD cat is able to be maintained by diet alone…no meds any longer and one of the nice side-effects is poop that hardly smells at all—nice because I have litter boxes in my bedroom.

  2. Google ‘urinary track dogs Dr.Karen Becker’. She is my fav online go to holistic vet due to having tons of advice on health issues already published.

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