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Okay so about a year ago or so I started seeing posts about how scented home products are toxic to our pets. I noticed that most mentioned air fresheners that you spray in the air or plug-ins so I disregarded the posts thinking, I stopped using those things years ago. Then the EPA came out with a study that included scented candles as well. I still didn’t really pay much mind due to it being summer & not really using candles in the summertime. Well now fall is on the way and I can’t bare the thought of not having a mood-setting, rustic smelling evening candle flaming every night as I snuggle with my doggos, blanky on lap, tea in hand. So now it’s time for me to get serious & find out exactly what makes certain candles toxic, how to avoid these things, & a simple go-to list of trusted brands to make things convenient for me.

Safe Candles by TLRF

What Makes A Candle Toxic

Lead Core Wicks – These were banned back in 2003 but still worth mentioning. If you are of an age that you might have candles that old, I am, it’s time to replace them.

Paraffin Wax – A study released by South Carolina State University reports that paraffin & petroleum-based candles release undesirable alkanes. That’s scientist speak for they release harmful chemicals also known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Artificial Fragrance – It was a little hard to find anything on the what & why artificial sents are bad so I came to my own conclusion with help of this sweet VOCs Report. If I am so emotionally attached, and I am, to having a scented candle I am going t but one that only uses fragrances I would feel comfortable lighting on fire directly. That leaves me with the essential oils I use in diffusers.

Ingredients I Look For In A Scented Candle

Vegetable-Based Wax – In the study from SCU mentioned above they reported that vegetable-based wax candles did not release any of the harmful chemicals that the paraffin candles did.

Beeswax – Everywhere I went (on the inter-webs) suggested beeswax candles. Unscented, of course, but still the best non-toxic option. This makes complete sense to me. I mean beeswax is completely natural & requires zero alteration. I did find that these candles are a little expensive so I have included other options.

100% Cotton or Hemp Wick – This ensures that the wick doesn’t have lead combined in the wick to make it burn evenly.

Lead-Free Label – A I was researching this I found that companies are blending lead chemicals in their candles and are still able to advertise that the natural ingredients only. No mas.

Essential Oils – Along with phthalate-free, paraben free are all indicators I can buy.

List of Safe Candles For My Home

  1. The Honest Company’s Aromatic Soy Candles

    • A full list of ingredients easily available with clear definitions. That might not sound like much but I challenge you to find candles ingredients. I had nothing but trouble looking them up for this post. That is why I only have 5 suggestions instead of 10.
  2. Mrs. Meyer’s Candles

    • I so wanted this to be include but saw that they have a generic ingredient of “fragrance” added. Luckily when I dug a little bit more into that they had additional info that put my mind at ease. I also pleased to see that they are affordable.
  3. Urban Sundry

    • I wasn’t able to find a full list of ingredients which is a little concerning but their description of “100% natural non-GMO soy wax, cotton wick, phthalate-free fragrance and essential oil” on Amazon which leads me to believe I can burn this candle without damaging my dogs.
  4. SpaRitual Candles

    • The description for these has all the buy me indicators I look for lead-free, plant-based, essential oils, & hemp wicks.
  5. Bluecorn Beeswax

    • These aren’t scented but I included them due to liking votive candles during the holiday season & this is a safe option.

I hope you found reading this as helpful as I did researching it! And of course, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Really appreciate the insight here! For whatever reason, my dogs love to eat my candles! When I get home I am going to check to make sure none of the ones I have are toxic.

  2. Very interesting article. The whole essential oil debate is a really hot topic right now regarding exposure of phenols to cats. I love diffusing essential oils and avoid those potentially toxic ones. But, I’m definitely going to check out these candles mentioned here. You’re right, there is nothing better than relaxing with a blankie, tea and my purries 😉

  3. I used to love candles, but since I’ve had Truffle and Brulee, I don’t use them anymore unless they are battery operated candles. It’s too easy for the girls to get to them and knock them over or have their long fur catch on fire.

    P.S. The university you mentioned as a reference is South Carolina State University; not South Carolina University. I only know because I live near both of them.

  4. It’s crazy to me that companies continue to make candles that have harmful ingredients in them. Thanks for spreading the word about what to look for. I like having scented candles too, so I will keep my eyes open for the bad ingredients you mentioned.

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