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The Lazy Raw Feeder

The Lazy Raw Feeder

When I was introduced to raw food for my dogs I was shocked by amount of work it entailed. Sure I understood the benefits of feeding a species-appropriate diet outweighed the cost and effort, but I just wanted it to be easier. Well it has been three years now and I am happy to say I have found some hacks. This section is for all the crazy dog moms who want to feed the best for their fur-friends conveniently.


Natural Dog Lifestyle

Natural, Healthy, Holistic: These are my favorite buzz words when it comes to my dogs lifestyle. I take better care of my fuzz-butts than I do my husband. This is my collection of attempts to provide that natural life I see in the ‘pictures’. It includes with what I found is practical and effective as well as my epic fails. The failures is where things get funny.


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